Make sure no one forgets anyone's important dates ever again.

EverMinder is free, and easy! Here’s how it works:

  • Add EverMinders

    EverMinder connects to your phone’s Address Book. Your first step is to turn your key contacts into “EverMinders” - people whose birthdays and anniversaries you’d like to remember, and people who you want to keep reminded about each other’s important dates. In the EverMinder app, tap on these contacts to turn them into “EverMinders” - you can add their dates if you know them, or they can add their dates themselves by downloading and joining EverMinder.

  • Add Groups

    To take EverMinder to the “next level” you can create Groups. All EverMinders in a Group will receive reminder notifications about everyone else in the Group’s birthdays and anniversaries. By starting a Group, you’ll make sure that nobody forgets anybody else’s big day, ever again!

  • everyone gets reminded

    That's it! EverMinder will automatically send personal reminders, to everyone in your groups every time a birthday or anniversary comes up on the calendar. Everyone will stay reminded and connected - all thanks to you!

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