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3 steps to understand how it works

  • Add Everminders

    Think about which people you want to make sure get reminded about each others' birthdays and anniversaries - your parents, children, siblings, nephews, nieces, an friends - simply add those people's names and birthdays. As soon as you add their phone numbers from your phone contacts, they get an invitation to join Everminder.

  • Add Groups

    Add Groups for your Everminders. Create a group for your family, your wife's family, co-workers, friends from school, people from church. Everyone in your groups will now get reminded about everyone else in their group. In addition, you can look at the events

  • everyone gets reminded

    That's it! EverMinder will automatically send personal reminders, to everyone in your groups every time a birthday or anniversary comes up on the calendar. Everyone will stay reminded and connected - all thanks to you!

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