Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I use everminder?
Everminder is the best way to get reminded about your friends' and family's birthday and anniversaries. Add your Everminders directly from your smartphone contacts and add their birthdays. You and your friends will never forget an important date ever again!
Why do I need Everminder, I have Facebook?
Facebook reminds you about Facebook friends, but what about your 3 year old nephew, your 82 year old grandmother, your department secretary? They are probably not on your Facebook. Also, some of us get so many Facebook messages, important birthdays often get lost.
What is a Everminder Group?
An Everminder Group allow you to define a group of people that will all get reminders about their birthdays and anniversaries. You can create groups for your family, your wife's family, your friends from school - it's up to you.

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