Frequently Asked Questions

What is EverMinder?

Is EverMinder for reminding myself about relatives' birthdays?
No. Well, yes, but it’s much more than that. EverMinder is a group reminder platform so that every group member is reminded about other group members' important dates like birthdays or anniversaries.
Do I have to pay for EverMinder?
Nope. EverMinder is free for everyone, forever.
Is EverMinder just for my immediate family?
No! While EverMinder is useful of course for immediate family too, it is especially useful for keeping extended families connected by keeping them reminded about each others' dates like birthdays and anniversaries. Anyone you’d like to be reminded to say happy birthday to - add them to your group!
What is a “Member”?
A "Member" is anyone you care about - your friend, your Mom, or even your cat Fluffy. A member is anyone who you want in your group to be reminded about and get reminders about the rest of the group. Just keep in mind that if Fluffy doesn’t have an email address then she will not be able to receive the reminders (although others can be reminded about her birthday).
What is a “Group”?
A Group is a bunch of Members - such as a family, or club, or any other set of people - that you want to remind about key events relating to other Members of the group.
What is an "Event"?
An event is a date which marks a special day for a Member - birthday, anniversary or other.
What kind of Events are "Other" events?
Whatever you want! Any date which anyone in the group would want to remember, either once or every year (you can indicate which when entering the event). This might be a milestone, religious event, graduation or personal achievement, or anything else you want to remember to mark.
Is EverMinder only for families?
Heck no. Lots of organizations or groups of friends are just like a family and want to remember each others’ special days too, so go on, use EverMinder for those groups too.
How is this different from Facebook and those genealogy sites that remind me of birthdays?
Facebook is limited to people on Facebook - some of your family members may not have Facebook accounts. Also, Facebook and the family tree companies don't enable personal, Admin-sent and Admin-controlled reminders about everyone in a group's important dates, that can be further edited and controlled by each recipient individually. Plus we enable each member to add links to gifts they want to the email reminders. No other platform focuses on the reminders themselves so no other platform provides these key elements that make the reminders comprehensive, configurable and controllable and therefore helpful and useful instead of annoying to maintain and annoying to receive.
What is the EverMinder blog for?
The Everminder Blog is home to news, tips and tutorials about using EverMinder, as well as thoughtful and inspiring content for families working to stay connected.
Who can I contact if I have a question or idea about EverMinder?
Please write to Diane, our Director of Engagement at diane at everminder dot com.
Can I use EverMinder to share pictures?
We believe there are enough picture-sharing sites out there. EverMinder is focused on keeping the family connected and happy by keeping people reminded about important dates.
How can I follow EverMinder on social media?
Facebook | Twitter (@everminder) | Instagram (@theeverminder) | Pinterest Thanks!

Information security

Can other members of EverMinder access my contact information?
No. Each group is closed and private, only other members of your group can see who is on the group and send you messages, but we do not disclose your contact information even to other members of your group. (See our Privacy Policy for more information.)
Will you send third-party advertisements or solicitations to my email address?
Do you sell your email lists to advertisers?

Reminders and Settings

How do I access my profile page?
Go into a recent email reminder and click the link to your profile page in the middle of the email.
Can I change the frequency or type of reminders that I receive?
Absolutely. That’s one of the unique features of EverMinder. First go into your profile page (if you’re an Admin just click “Hi, _____” at the top of the page when you sign in, otherwise just go into your last reminder email and click the link to your profile page). Then scroll to “My Reminders” and update your preferences however you like.
Can I stop getting reminders or remove myself from EverMinder?
Sure, but we’ll miss you (and you may miss some family members' big days). Just go to your Profile Page and shut off your reminder settings.
Call me crazy, but I don’t like getting presents, congratulatory emails and all that nice stuff. I want to be removed from my group or from EverMinder. What do I do?
Just click on the link to your profile page in a recent reminder email and click “contact your group Admin” and write to them that you appreciate their efforts to keep the family connected (that part is optional) but to please remove you from the group.
A reminder went out about me with incorrect information – what do I do?
That probably means your group’s Admin made a mistake when he or she set up your group (try not to take it personally, we’re sure they didn’t mean it). Simply go to your profile page and click on “contact your group Admin” and send a message asking them to update your event information with the correct information. You can also edit your email address in case you prefer that the group use a different address than the one listed.

Questions for Admins

How do I send an immediate notification to my group?
This feature will soon be available for Admins on your Events tab. If you are a group member and would like to let the Group know about an important event or occurrence, contact your Admin via your Profile Page.
Can I add a Member if I don't know any of his/her dates or email address?
Yes, but they won’t be able to get reminders until you have an email address for them and no one will be reminded of their birthday until you have entered a date for them. You can also use the "help" icons on the Events page to easily ask other members for information that you are missing about them or other members.
I don't have everyone in my family's birthdays and emails - what should I do?
That’s okay! You are still heroic in our opinion. This is why we have installed the “Ask for Help” feature. You can input the names of those you want in your group and then (if you have their email address) you can hover over the question mark help icon next to their name on your Events page and click to ask that person for their dates. If you don’t have their email address or birthday, or just their birthday but no email, then surely you have the email address of someone else in the group who can help. Hover over the question mark next to that helpful person’s name and you can click to ask for others people’s dates or emails.
What will the people I add to EverMinder receive?
They will receive reminder emails about upcoming birthdays and anniversaries according to the reminder preferences that you set. The email will appear in their inbox from you.
How can I make sure these messages aren't annoying to the people I add?
EverMinder realized that different people will likely have different preferences about receiving their reminders. In fact, they may only want to be reminded about some of the people on the list but not all. Therefore, each member can alter their preferences - down to the specific event - right on their profile page. A link to their profile page appears in each reminder email.
How will the Members get emails from me if I'm not sending them?
It’s all automated! EverMinder is here to do the remembering for you. Although the emails appear in Members’ inboxes as if they are from you, their trusty Admin, in fact you don’t have to do anything to trigger the reminders except for setting up the group one time. EverMinder sends your reminders for you to the group members, automatically, every time, on time.
What do I have to do after I set up EverMinder?
Nada! One-time set up, by one person, and that’s all. You are of course encouraged to come back and add more members and dates, but the reminders start going out as soon as your group is set up and events start to come up on the calendar.
I want one reminder to be sent differently than the default settings, how do I do that?
You can edit any additional Event scheduled on the system. On the Events page, go to the event icon to the right of the member's name, or just click on the event on the calendar, to edit its settings. Use the "Edit Reminder Settings for this Event" link in that Event's popup window to set special settings for that Event.
What if I have small kids in the family for example, whose birthdays I have but who don't have email address? What happens when it's their birthday?
Members will receive the reminder but the reminder won't have a link to send that child a message. You might consider inputting the child’s parent’s email address so that messages can be sent to the parent who can pass them on.
I want to set up reminders for two sides of my family (say, my spouse’s side, and my side). People on my spouse’s side don’t necessarily want to know about my second cousin’s birthday. What do I do?
Easy! This is what our "Groups" functionality is for. On your Reminder Settings tab, create a second group. Name one group for your side and the other for the other side. Then on the Members tab simply assign members to one group, or to both groups if relevant (for example, if you have kids and they are part of both you and your spouse's sides). From then on your members will only get reminders about people in the group or groups they are assigned to.
How long in advance does the email reminder get sent?
Every group Admin and member can customize their own group reminder settings. Admins control the group-wide default settings at the Reminder Settings tab, and can set event-specific schedule settings by editing that Event on the Events tab. And any member can change when, how and about whom they receive reminders, by accessing their settings on their Profile Page.
Is there a limit to the number of family members I can add?
No! Our largest EverMinder family is currenly 85 people!
Why did the site ask me for ten relatives' names when I signed up?
Ten was a round number that we felt would help new Admins understand that EverMinder is best suited for extended families, not just nuclear families.
Will each of my family members have to create an account with a username and password and register before the reminders start flowing?
Nope! When you add them to EverMinder, they are already members and will start to receive reminders from you; all they have to do is click the links in your automated reminders to send messages or gifts or access their reminder settings.
What if there is more than one birthday or anniversary on a given date?Does each person receive one reminder per event?
Yes, each group member will receive separate reminders for each unique Event.
How do I edit someone’s name, birthday, or email address?
To edit a name or email address, click on the Members tab and click directly on the name or email to edit. To edit or add an Event, either click the Events tab and scroll to the relevant person and click the relevant icon to add a date, or go to the date on the calendar and click to add an Event.
Will all my group members receive notification that I created a group for our family?
No. You're welcome to tell them about EverMinder of course but sometimes people are apprehensive about getting messages that they've been signed up to something before they see what it is. With EverMinder, once you add some people and dates, they will simply start getting friendly, helpful, personal reminders from you as the dates you are reminding them about come up on the calendar. As they see these reminders, odds are they will thank you - and they can always change their reminder preferences, or unsubscribe, via the links to their Profile Page.
How do I remove someone from a group?
Just go to the Members tab and when you hover over a Member there is a tiny trash can icon at the right, just click to delete.
Can I upload my contacts from Facebook?
Currently no. It turns out that many people have incorrect or unused email addresses connected to their Facebook profiles (such as and we didn't want to import contact information that isn't accurate.
I want a message to go out only to some Members in a group. What do I do?
Create a new Group on your Reminder Settings tab and assign only those members to the new subgroup. You can designate as many new Groups as you want.
If people are Members of two Groups will they get double messages?
Nope. EverMinder is smart enough to realize that and will only send the reminder once.
I set up EverMinder but now I want someone else to be the Admin instead of me. What can I do?
We currently do not enable passing off or adding co-Admins. But if all you are looking for is a little help in collecting information you are missing, you can ask other Members to help you out with information you are missing, via the "help" icons on the Events page.
I set up EverMinder but now I realize that someone else is the "Birthday person" in my family and has most of the information. What can I do?
No problem! You can simply ask that person for help via the "help" icons on the Events page and they can add all of the date and contact information about other Members that they already have gathered.
How do I view my own Profile Page or change my own reminder settings?
When signed into EverMinder as an Admin, the top right corner of the page will say “Hi, _____(your first name)” - click on that and it takes you to your own page.

Questions for Members

Hey, how did I start getting these reminders?
A family member of yours decided to create a group for your family and entered each person’s birthday and email address. That person - the "Admin" - is the person who the reminder emails come from.
How do I see who else is in my Group?
You can see everyone in your group on your Profile Page. In the "My Reminders" section click on "By Event" and you'll see everyone with whom you share a group.
Is there a way for me to see family birthdays without waiting for the email reminder?
Yes. You can go to your profile page and scroll to Reminder Settings and click “By Event”. This will show you a list of your group's members and their dates.
Once I get a birthday reminder and want to send a message, will I have to sign into EverMinder first?
Nope! Your Admin did all the signing up necessary, now just click through the email to send messages or gifts as you please, or access your personal Profile Page which is already set up for you.
Why would I want to update my own profile page if my group Admin already entered my name, birthday and email?
In order to review your contact email and dates, get the gifts you want or to update your reminder preferences.
Is there another way of getting to my profile page other than the link in the reminder email?
Currently, no.
I’m already getting EverMinder emails and I never signed in to – so why should I sign up?
Sign up to become an Admin and start your own EverMinder group.
I’ve started to get EverMinder reminders as a member of a group. Can I start my own EverMinder group?
Of course. See the question above!

Sending and Receiving Gifts

How can I use EverMinder to get a gift I really want for my birthday?
All you have to do is go to your own profile page and click on your preferred gift. You can click either an iTunes gift card as your preferred gift, or add a link to your wishlist (make sure to include a ship-to address on your Amazon wish list page so the gifts can get to you!)
I don't have my relative's mailing address. Can I send them flowers using the "Send Flowers" link?
Currently no. Because our affiliate partners require you to know the recpient's mailing address, wthout it you can’t send them flowers, but you can click "Send Message" instead - it's free!
I tried to send an e-card, but then it asked me to enter my relative's email address, which I don't have. If my Admin entered that person's email address in the set-up, how come I can't see their email address?
This is due to our Privacy Policy which stipulates that each group is closed and private, only other members of your group can see who is on the group and send messages to each other, and we do not disclose members' contact information even to other members of your group. You can however, click "Send Message" and send that person a free message even without their email address.
You read all the FAQs and we still didn’t answer your question?!
Write to us! Diane will be happy to answer any question you have, just send it to diane at everminder dot com.