You Know You’re the Birthday Person When…

You may or may not be aware of the term “birthday person” but you have undoubtedly met one or two of them in your life, or you may be that person yourself. Here are a few tell-tale indicators that you are that dedicated and tireless “birthday person”:

1. You have texted/emailed/called your sibling/parent/child to remind them it’s someone else in the family’s birthday

2. You do #1 on a regular basis

3. You keep either a physical or mental list of gift ideas for family members (even if their birthday is 11 months away)

4. The first thing you do at the beginning of the year is to enter all family birthdays into your wall calendar/preferred electronic calendar/both

5. You have been known to wake up in the middle of the night in a sweat for fear that you might have forgotten to call your aunt for her birthday

6. You have found yourself running up and down the streets of a foreign city until you got wifi on your phone just to send a happy birthday message or remind someone else to

7. You stock up on cute birthday cards when you see them (those birthdays, they just sneak up on you, gotta have cards on hand!)

8. Every time someone in the family gets married or has a baby, the first thing you do is ask what the new family member’s birthday is and plug it into your calendar

9.  You have been the recipient of “thanks you saved my behind!“-style emails after reminding someone of a relative’s birthday

10. You have made various attempts to use technology to make this job simpler, only to find yourself more frustrated and going back to your trusty calendar

Friends, if three or more of the above apply to you, I’m afraid you might just be the birthday person of your family. Or while reading you were able to figure out exactly who is the birthday person of your family. EverMinder was created by a birthday person and for the birthday person.  EverMinder is for you loyal birthday people out there to give you a leg up on your important task of helping the family love flow as the special dates come up on the calendar.

Birthday people, you are your family’s hero, we salute you.

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