True Stories: I Forgot My Mom’s Birthday

In honor of Mother’s Day in one week from today – we dedicate this post to all the well-meaning children out there (who may even be moms themselves) who would like to make sure they never forget their own mother’s birthday. Now, you might be thinking – Me?! Forget my mom’s birthday? Never! In fact, I never have in all my [fill in the blank] years of life! Well, friends, all it takes is one time to cause an unfortunate forgotten birthday situation. In fact, it is more common than you might think. In our busy lives, it’s not so simple to keep track of all those dates and with people geographically spread out over various time zones, we wouldn’t blame you if this happened to you. We talked to three women with forgotten mom birthday stories to hear how it happened and how they tried to prevent it from ever happening again.

Ally told us that it happened about two years ago. “I was super crazy and busy and barely knew what day of the week it was,” not to mention what the date was. “I was waiting at the bus stop to get to work, and took out my planner, and realized that it was November 15th, and that I had totally forgotten to call my mom two days earlier on her birthday.” Flabbergasted at the fact that she had forgotten even though it was right there, clearly written in her planner, she realized she simply hadn’t looked at it in a few days. She couldn’t call her mom right at that moment because she knew she was at work with her phone off. She called and emailed later and apologized profusely. Her mom was understanding and she admits, “I think I felt worse than she did.” Ever since then she hasn’t figured out just how to remember, but just tries to be more aware of the date on a regular basis.

For Shauna, the episode happened over twenty years ago, but she remembers it like it was yesterday. She was only ten at the time, and yet somehow everyone in the family forgot her mom’s birthday that year. “My dad called the house to tell me my mom’s on her way home and she’s upset and crying.” Everyone scrambled to have a little birthday toast ready for her when she arrived home as they made their group apology.  Of course she says that “needless to say that since then that date has been etched in our memories.” Although, just to be safe they also made every password in the house related to mom’s birthday just to make sure that all family members would know it by heart from then on.

Our final story, comes from Joan, who simultaneously had her own birthday and anniversary forgotten by her husband. In this case Joan’s husband’s good intentions were met with a little technical mishap. He knew he wasn’t so great at remembering dates and so he made sure to plug them into his electronic calendar on his iPad. Truth be told, it was actually a case of a little human error which was then magnified by his trusty iPad calendar. Here’s how it happened: Joan’s birthday is on January 25th. Her’s and her husband’s wedding anniversary is on May 28th. Her husband saved their anniversary in his iPad calendar as January 28th – taking the month of her birthday and the day of their anniversary. So on January 28th, while she was bundled up in a blanket during a snowstorm, her husband burst into the living room exclaiming “I’m so sorry! I forgot our anniversary!” “What are you talking about?” Joan asked. “It’s our anniversary today…!” he said, to which she replied “Honey, we were married in May.” “But my iPad says it’s our anniversary today…” he said confused. “Turns out,” she told us, “technology can only help you remember dates if you enter them into the device correctly the first place.”

Although it turns out that forgetting your mom’s birthday once can do wonders for making sure you don’t forget it ever again, Ally, Shauna and Joan all recommend slightly more elegant solutions for the future.

Has this happened to you? We’d love to hear more stories in the comments! Happy Mother’s Day y’all!

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