The Thanksgiving Family Birthday Showdown

Ever wondered who in the family knows the most family birthdays? You might be tempted to assume that it’s the matriarch of the family who magically seems to remember every date in history, but you might be surprised – those teenagers are listening, and not just to their iPods.

For those looking to start their EverMinder Group sometime soon, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to get a jump start! Or, it can be used for some good old fashioned intergenerational fun. But since you’ll have lots of family members in one place – it’s a great time to collect family birthdays.

All you need is a printer and some pens. Otherwise there is zero prep. Just print up four copies of this pdf in color or B&W: Family Birthday List (if you have a really big family then just print more copies of the second page).

Now, to how the Thanksgiving Family Birthday Showdown works:

1. Have each family member fill out their own details as they come in the door so they don’t think anything of it and don’t look at other peoples’ dates.

2. At dinner, announce that you’re going to play a short game (before dessert while you have peoples’ attention and while they’re still digesting dinner would be an opportune moment).

3. Break the family into three teams. Use your judgement if you think you need fewer or more teams and just make sure you have one copy of the Family Birthday List for yourself to collect the info and one per team. Some ideas for teams are: two teams by gender, three teams by generation, teams of nuclear families, teams by who’s sitting near each other.

4. Give each team a blank copy of the Family Birthday List and a pen. Give them 5 minutes to write in the birthdays of each person present.

5. Either designate a judge to review the lists and see who got the most correct birthdays (make sure the teams write their names on the page!) or go around and have each person say their own birthday and each team can check off which ones they got right.

6. Optional: Offer prizes! It could even be something creative like getting access to the dessert buffet first :).

Optional Add-On for Bonus Points or Tie Breakers:

  • Make a list of family members who are not currently present and see who knows more of those birthdays
  • Guess family email addresses (smartphones not permitted!)

Alterations for the highly competitive:

  • Pre-populate the list yourself so no one can accuse others of having looked at the list when they filled out their own info.
  • Confiscate smart phones
  • Mix up the generations on different teams so no one can say one generation has an advantage

For those families who will be discussing world politics or the big game around the table and don’t have time for such a thing, just print one copy of the Family Birthday List and leave it at the buffet table with a working pen.

And of course, don’t forget to plug the dates into your EverMinder group after Thanksgiving! Just head over to and click on Get Started! By next Thanksgiving you’ll have to think of a new game since everyone will have remembered all the family birthdays in the previous year thanks to your EverMinder group!

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!

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