Skip the Romantic Date, Make it a Family Playdate

Who ever said that Valentine’s Day is exclusively for lovers? What about where love begins – the family! This Valentine’s Day, why not make it a playdate, instead of a romantic date (or in addition to it!). Valentine’s Day gives us a national excuse to celebrate the love in our lives, so here are three ideas to use this Valentine’s Day to celebrate the love in your family:

1. Make a Day of it!

Especially since this year Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday, do something with the family or even just one member of your family. Whether you have little ones at home, you’re empty nesters, you are a grandma, or you’re away at college – find a family member and do something fun together. Have a picnic with the kids, get a pedicure with your aunt, see a movie with your cousins, take your nephew to play laser tag, video chat with your brother. If you want to make it even more Valentine’s-oriented then why not hold a romantic date for the whole family – stage a candlelit dinner with sparkling apple cider and have everyone dress nicely too!

2. Make heart-shaped family food!

This comes to counter the idea that all Valentine’s Day food must be in the shape of cookies or candy – not so! Family style food can be Valentined too. In the photo above, there are four ideas we found and loved which can easily add some lovin’ to your otherwise regularly scheduled family meal: morning toast, vegetable soup, sushi, and cinnamon buns! An added bonus is that none of them require a heart-shaped cookie cutter or multiple heart-shaped cookie cutters in numerous shapes and sizes – just simple, fun, family-oriented, and yummy.

3. Make it memorable!

Beyond the time you spend together as a family this February 14th, how about doing something that leaves a keepsake for the home. Hold a family love-themed photoshoot – lie down together in the shape of a heart, get photos of the kids kissing each other on the cheek, snap a photo from the ground of the family hug. Or have each family member write down things they love about your family on colorful strips of paper and keep them in a jar on the mantle and add a sticker: “Our Family Love Jar”. The added bonus here is that the next time someone is having a rough day at home or having an argument with someone else in the family, you can send them over to pull a slip out of the jar and read it to remember all the things they love about the family.

So this Valentine’s Day, don’t hold back – take the opportunity to celebrate the family love!

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