Nothing Says I Miss You Like a Sign Message

Today, when so many families are spread out geographically, technology has provided many tools to ease the pain of being far away. And sometimes even small creative flares can make the most of the tools at our disposal.

And so, in today’s Connecting Families post: Sign Messages.

Never underestimate the power of the cuteness of your children/family combined with a customized message for the person you’re missing.

For the Sign Message you will need only four things and about ten minutes of your time (fifteen if you get really creative!):

  • Paper
  • Markers
  • Your adorable children
  • Your phone

Feel free to use creative license, but choosing a short message and then splitting up the words in the message and having different kids or family members hold them up is both quick and cute. You can even have each family member write their own word and decorate the page. Then everyone holds them up enthusiastically and snap the photo with your phone.  You can have them do different faces and even take a few to make a collage.  That’s it – send it off in whatever form the lucky recipient uses most regularly.

Optional ways to change it up:

  • Do a cartoon-style strip where each person holds a different word in the message in their own photo (or the same child holds a different word in each frame)
  • Add a sign with a countdown until the next time you’re going to see them (for example: 30 days until Thanksgiving, 29 days, 28 days, etc)
  • Consider writing something less obvious than “I miss you” like “can’t wait to hug you” or “happy almost birthday” or “you are my sunshine”

Untitled design (1)

Although we have absolutely no tools with which to prove or guarantee this, we are quite confident that this will generate a huge smile for the recipient. Try it out and let us know how it goes!

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