New Feature Alert: Ask for Help

One of the challenges that our Admins having been facing is the fact that they want to complete their group but they get stuck on a few dates and maybe email addresses that they don’t know. We wanted to help our Admins out, and so we developed the “Ask for Help” feature which we are excited to announce is now live! The “Ask for Help” feature is based on the assumption that even if you – the trusty Admin – don’t know a particular date, someone else in your family surely does. You might also have that person’s email address, but you simply don’t remember their birthday, anniversary, or other date you want the family to be reminded of (this is why EverMinder exists! So that no one forgets their family’s important dates ever again! Duh!).  And so we wanted to make it as easy as possible to ask for help from the right person, to fill in the just the exact blanks that you need.

Although seemingly simple, that little question mark icon next to each name is your key to completing your group!

There are two main ways you can use the Ask for Help feature:

  • asking someone about their own dates  OR
  • asking someone about other people’s dates

One important detail here is that you must have someone’s email address in order to be able to ask them for help. But in some cases you may not have their email address. That’s when you would use the Ask for Help feature in the second way mentioned above, and you can ask someone in the family (whose email address you do have) for any combination of details you need – dates and/or email addresses of other family members. This is where good ‘ol Aunt Sadie can really come in handy – you know, that aunt who for whatever reason seems to remember everything and anything related to the family.  Just click the question mark next to her name and a list of group members will appear – all you have to do is check the box next to the members whose details you’re missing and then click the “Send to Aunt Sadie” button at the top of the page. Then she’ll get an email saying that you need her help to fill in a few details about your family on EverMinder and she will be able to enter them directly into your group. Pretty cool, huh?

The EverMinder system is built on our unending faith in our Admins who are the ones willing to put in those few minutes to sign their family up that one and only time, but they can’t be expected to know everything! And so we hope we’ve made it just a tad bit easier for you to keep your family connected better than ever. We’d love to hear what you think!

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