EverMinder + Gmail = Love

EverMinder + Gmail = Love

Attention all Gmail users – setting up your EverMinder group just got much easier! Inspired by requests from users, we have built a feature which allows you to pull email addresses for your EverMinder group straight from your Gmail Contacts. So long as you are a Gmail user (don’t worry, your contacts don’t have to be Gmail users – just you) you can access your Contacts while setting up EverMinder and pull in the email addresses you want directly, no trying to remember, no copying and pasting – just pulling them straight in.

How Does it Work?

There are three main ways you can use this snazzy new feature. The first is while setting up your EverMinder account for the first time. During sign up new users are asked to add names of ten family members.  Then, once you authorize the Gmail Contacts feature, it will intelligently suggest email addresses from your Gmail Contacts that match the names you entered. You can simply click to use an email from the suggested list.

Additionally, you can add an email address from your Gmail Contacts at any time. So let’s say you go back and add more family members, you can simply click on the email icon next to their name and choose their email address out of your Gmail Contacts.

Finally, since your Gmail Contacts is likely the most up-to-date list of those people you are in regular contact with, you can now browse your Gmail Contacts and add members directly from there. No need to scratch your head to try to remember each person you want included in your group – simply click on the “Members” tab and click on the Gmail icon to scroll through your Gmail Contacts and click on each person you want to add to your group.

Why is it so important to add email addresses to my EverMinder group?

Email addresses are the keg in the EverMinder machine that makes the system so uniquely helpful.  Once you add an email address of a member of your group, two important things become possible:

  • That person can receive reminders about the rest of the people in the group
  • When it’s that person’s birthday or anniversary, they can receive birthday messages from other group members

Are my family members’ email addresses safe with EverMinder?

Yes. EverMinder will never use the email addresses you provide for any third-party advertisements or solicitations – email addresses are for reminders and receiving birthday messages exclusively.

We’d love to hear what you think of this new feature, so drop us a line in the comments or by email. And for those non-Gmail users, let us know which email provider you use so we know which other providers to develop this for in the future – Hotmail, Yahoo, MSN? Let us know!

Christmas Babies, We Got Your Back: 10 ways to make a Christmas birthday extra special

Christmas Babies, We Got Your Back: 10 ways to make a Christmas birthday extra special

You undoubtedly know what’s coming up in just 14 days from today. That’s right, it’s the most celebrated holiday in the world, it’s almost Christmas. But that’s not what this post is about. This post is about what ELSE is happening in 14 days from today… Okay, okay, I’ll just tell you. December 25th, like every other day in the year is the birthday of approximately 19 million people in the world! That’s right, let it sink in (and thank Matt Rosenberg at about.com for the estimate), around 19 million people have their birthday each day, including, of course, on Christmas. Although not everyone in the world celebrates Christmas, a Pew Research Center study from last year shows that even 81% of non-Christians in America celebrate Christmas. This means that many millions of people each year are faced with the challenge of a birthday on Christmas.

While some people have claimed that having a birthday on Christmas is fabulous, we wouldn’t blame you if you found it to be a bummer that your day, a unique yearly opportunity to celebrate you, got a tad bit overshadowed by Christmas.

So that’s why I’m here to say, Christmas babies (and those who love them) – we got your back.  Here are ten simple ways to make the Christmas birthday person’s day extra special despite the potential distraction of jingling bells and roasting chestnuts:

  1. In addition to a Christmas Tree, include a Birthday Bush. Put birthday presents separately under the bush. You can even wrap the birthday presents with their own special paper.
  2. Instead of the 12 Days of Christmas, do 12 Days of Birthday! Wrap 12 small presents each labeled with their day and allow them only open the first one. For the next 11 days while everyone in steeped in the holiday season they’ll remember the thought you gave to their special day.
  3. Collect some gifts or cards from friends or family who you won’t be spending the holiday with ahead of time. When you deliver them the birthday person will feel extra special about the thought that people put in even in the Christmas craziness before the holiday.
  4. Designate a specific part of the day (perhaps lunch on Christmas Day) during which you’ll celebrate only the birthday and forget about Christmas just for that time slot. You might even consider having totally untraditional food like Chinese take-out or pizza, to set it apart even with the grub. If you’re the theatrical type then designate a time of day when it stops being Christmas and starts being birthday and dramatically switch over to talking about and doing only birthday-related things.
  5. For kids: give the birthday girl or boy a special part of the Christmas gifting ceremony as part of their birthday present – maybe it’s delivering each gift to its recipient or devising a system to determine who gets the next gift. Maybe include a wand or badge.
  6. Here’s a radical one – consider throwing them a half birthday party on June 25th. Give out save-the-date cards at Christmas. This way they know you’ve acknowledged that their birthday isn’t getting all the attention it deserves but you’re guaranteeing a celebration down the line just when they weren’t expecting it. Or, throw them a surprise party no where near Christmas. This will be the most surprising of all!
  7. Write a Christmas song parody in honor of the birthday person and send it to guests ahead of time so you can perform it together (“jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock, our dear Elaine, we bet you thought we forgot…” etc.)
  8. If they are a big fan of a certain celebrity try Tweeting at that celebrity and getting them to send a special Christmas birthday tweet to your loved one.
  9. Give them a coupon for a proper birthday party redeemable anytime in the next six months. For extra cuteness create small print about the number of guests and options for food and venue.
  10. Check this list of 16 famous people who were also born on Christmas and choose one or a few to inspire a game or birthday card in the spirit of you’re-not-alone-this-awesome-person-is-also-a-Christmas-baby!

The main principles are simple – set the birthday apart, show them you thought of them, and make them feel special. These principles are central to any good birthday celebration, they’re just a little more important when the birthday has the possibility of getting overshadowed by another holiday or event that is on or near the date. This can be any holiday, not only Christmas, or even a one-time event like a family wedding or reunion. Turn the coincidence into an opportunity to make the person feel extra special, it’s often the thought that you put in that makes the most difference.

Please add your own ideas and experiences in the comments!

The Thanksgiving Family Birthday Showdown

The Thanksgiving Family Birthday Showdown

Ever wondered who in the family knows the most family birthdays? You might be tempted to assume that it’s the matriarch of the family who magically seems to remember every date in history, but you might be surprised – those teenagers are listening, and not just to their iPods.

For those looking to start their EverMinder Group sometime soon, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to get a jump start! Or, it can be used for some good old fashioned intergenerational fun. But since you’ll have lots of family members in one place – it’s a great time to collect family birthdays.

All you need is a printer and some pens. Otherwise there is zero prep. Just print up four copies of this pdf in color or B&W: Family Birthday List (if you have a really big family then just print more copies of the second page).

Now, to how the Thanksgiving Family Birthday Showdown works:

Click here for game instructions!

New Feature Alert: Ask for Help

New Feature Alert: Ask for Help

One of the challenges that our Admins having been facing is the fact that they want to complete their group but they get stuck on a few dates and maybe email addresses that they don’t know. We wanted to help our Admins out, and so we developed the “Ask for Help” feature which we are excited to announce is now live! The “Ask for Help” feature is based on the assumption that even if you – the trusty Admin – don’t know a particular date, someone else in your family surely does. You might also have that person’s email address, but you simply don’t remember their birthday, anniversary, or other date you want the family to be reminded of (this is why EverMinder exists! So that no one forgets their family’s important dates ever again! Duh!).  And so we wanted to make it as easy as possible to ask for help from the right person, to fill in the just the exact blanks that you need.

Although seemingly simple, that little question mark icon next to each name is your key to completing your group!

There are two main ways you can use the Ask for Help feature:

  • asking someone about their own dates  OR
  • asking someone about other people’s dates

click here for the rest!

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Your mind is probably reeling with all your questions about how EverMinder works. That’s why we put together these brand new FAQs to fill in all those blanks. Each of these questions is either asked frequently, or we feel it would be natural to ask them after spending a few minutes with EverMinder and trying to see if and how it can work for you and your family. Check ’em out!

You can also jump to batches of questions:

What is EverMinder?

Information Security

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