6 Father’s Day Family Photo Ideas

With Father’s Day coming up, you might be just a wee bit stressed about what thoughtful things you can do to make him feel extra special this year. Well, it’s at moments like this where we would like to remind you about the amazing power of your own children’s cuteness. Let’s face it, your kids are down right adorable. And that signature adorableness can go a long way and can be harnessed with a few quick and easy photo opps that will undoubtedly make his day and also serve as a unique souvenir from Father’s Day 2015.

We’ve collected 6 of our favorite photo ideas from around web that just might bring a tear to Dad’s eye. Ideas #1-3 are in the theme of photo gifts to prepare before Father’s Day and present to him. Ideas #4-6 however, are ideas for clever ways to document dad together with the kids on Father’s Day! If you’re already spending a day celebrating Dad, why not make a point to take a few memorable shots to keep around the house or as the new background on your various devices.

1) The feet photo. Easy, quick, sure-fire smile maker for Dad.

For you if: you think your kids’ feet are delicious.

Supplies: washable marker.

The Father's Day Feet Photo!

Top image from: funholidaycrafts.com, Bottom image from: asimpleplanner.com

2) We <3 Dad! The classic sign photo never fails.

For you if: you don’t have a lot of time.

Supplies: paper and marker/ chalk and chalkboard/ card stock and scissors

 WE        DAD (1)

Top image from: burycute.blogspot.co.uk, Bottom image from: tipjunkie.com

3) Here’s Looking at You, Kid…

For you if: you’re feeling a little artistic and sentimental.

Supplies: reflective sunglasses / basic photo editing program to plug a different photo into the spot where the mirror is. (we like Canva!)

Alternate options: son looking in mirror and Dad looking back at him / Dad wearing the sunglasses with kids in reflection. If you don’t have sunglasses you can use the side or rear-view mirror of your car for a nice reflection too!

Here's looking at you, kid...

Top image from: petapixel.com Bottom image from: Luna Bella Photos

4) The Multigenerational Shot can be a keepsake for many years to come.

For you if: you’re planning a brunch with the grandparents.

Supplies: an empty frame and easy photo editing software (see recommendation in #3)


Left image from: blog.gallerydirect.com, Right image from: weheartpics.com

5) Frame the Kids (no, we don’t mean you should pin a crime on them!)

For you if: you’re looking to spice up your standard family photo.

Supplies: a large empty frame / strong arms

Alternate options: kids frame the parents (anniversary coming up?!)

Frame the Kids!Left image from: indulgy.com, Right image from: blog.tonyabeaverphotography.com

6) Wanna be, Wanna Be Like Dad…

For you if: Dad has a favorite hobby or activity.

Supplies: Whatever supplies he uses for that hobby or activity.


Top image from: izismile.com, Bottom image from: breakfastatyurmans.tumblr.com

There is something here for everyone, including those who don’t have time but who want to go a tiny bit beyond the usual pics to make something special either for or with Dad this Father’s Day.

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