Do It Yourself (With a Little Help from Caroll)

Do It Yourself (With a Little Help from Caroll)

You know the people you see on TV sometimes who live way out in the country and get really excited to get high speed internet? Well Caroll Wilkins describes herself as one of those people. Except that for Caroll, getting high speed internet outside the city limits of Walnut Grove, Missouri, wasn’t just a convenience for emailing and surfing the web – it is what made her custom vinyl decal business, Vinyl Express, possible and successful. Caroll specializes in Do It Yourself items so that if you want to create custom lettering or a design for a shop window, wall, car, or if you want to create your own Family Birthday Board, then she can create the vinyl lettering or design and you mount it yourself wherever you please. If you can think of it, she can make it into a vinyl decal for you. She does stencils and iron-on transfers too – “I do it all – inspirational, humor, nursery, living room, business….in all the colors of the rainbow.”

Every Customer is Unique

What excites Caroll  most about her business is being able to help people make something that is just what they are looking for, “Maybe an inspirational quote, or a monogram in just the right size and color. Often I am able to help a small business with store signage, or a local athletic team with decals for a fund raiser.” About her customers Caroll says “They aren’t just an order” but rather each one is unique and she gets to know them over email to make something they will love. Some customers become repeat customers and friends, contacting her for each new idea they have. She has one repeat customer in Arkansas who recycles old windows making them into frames and often orders decals of quotes from scripture for the windows. “I also have recently done some decals for wives of firefighters and police officers. I love those. They always make me feel grateful for the service that is given.”

The whole Wilkins clan helps get orders done for Caroll’s Vinyl Express shop

A Family That Works Together…

“Fortunately, my shop and my family work together. This past Christmas season, I had my husband, kids, and parents all working to help me get orders processed. Yet, I was able to shut my shop a week before Christmas so I could just spend time with my family.” Caroll believes in all types of quality time with family, “I think it always brings a family closer together when they spend time together, whether that time is work or play.” And Caroll has a lot of helping hands around  with 8 kids of her own and 10 grandkids plus 2 more on the way! Indeed they need a Family Birthday Board in their house to keep up with all those birthdays and anniversaries – luckily they know someone who knows a thing or two about making one!

Caroll’s shop VinylExpress is a proud participant in our new Birthday Board promotion which provides a 15% discount off of Birthday Boards or Birthday Board Decals from participating Etsy shops for all new EverMinder users.


EverMinder + Gmail = Love

EverMinder + Gmail = Love

Attention all Gmail users – setting up your EverMinder group just got much easier! Inspired by requests from users, we have built a feature which allows you to pull email addresses for your EverMinder group straight from your Gmail Contacts. So long as you are a Gmail user (don’t worry, your contacts don’t have to be Gmail users – just you) you can access your Contacts while setting up EverMinder and pull in the email addresses you want directly, no trying to remember, no copying and pasting – just pulling them straight in.

How Does it Work?

There are three main ways you can use this snazzy new feature. The first is while setting up your EverMinder account for the first time. During sign up new users are asked to add names of ten family members.  Then, once you authorize the Gmail Contacts feature, it will intelligently suggest email addresses from your Gmail Contacts that match the names you entered. You can simply click to use an email from the suggested list.

Additionally, you can add an email address from your Gmail Contacts at any time. So let’s say you go back and add more family members, you can simply click on the email icon next to their name and choose their email address out of your Gmail Contacts.

Finally, since your Gmail Contacts is likely the most up-to-date list of those people you are in regular contact with, you can now browse your Gmail Contacts and add members directly from there. No need to scratch your head to try to remember each person you want included in your group – simply click on the “Members” tab and click on the Gmail icon to scroll through your Gmail Contacts and click on each person you want to add to your group.

Why is it so important to add email addresses to my EverMinder group?

Email addresses are the keg in the EverMinder machine that makes the system so uniquely helpful.  Once you add an email address of a member of your group, two important things become possible:

  • That person can receive reminders about the rest of the people in the group
  • When it’s that person’s birthday or anniversary, they can receive birthday messages from other group members

Are my family members’ email addresses safe with EverMinder?

Yes. EverMinder will never use the email addresses you provide for any third-party advertisements or solicitations – email addresses are for reminders and receiving birthday messages exclusively.

We’d love to hear what you think of this new feature, so drop us a line in the comments or by email. And for those non-Gmail users, let us know which email provider you use so we know which other providers to develop this for in the future – Hotmail, Yahoo, MSN? Let us know!