She Saw the Sign, and it was Pointing to Family

She Saw the Sign, and it was Pointing to Family

Meet Tiffany Hardy. She lives with her family outside Dallas and runs an online shop called Sign Chik. But Sign Chik was only a faint flicker of a dream when she was making custom signs and gifts for family and friends just for fun. When she and her husband David were so enjoying the positive feedback and encouragement they were getting, that they decided to give it a try selling online. That was back in 2011, and today Tiffany says that “within three months, I was able to quit my bookkeeping job in Dallas and create signs full time! This allowed me to be at home with my kiddos and stop missing precious time with them!” Tiffany says that one of the things that most excites her about her shop is the amount of growth from year to year, and that their “shop started out a hobby and has very quickly become our only income.”

At Sign Chik they currently make Family Birthday Boards, Personalized Yard Signs, Custom Wedding Venue Decor, Personalized Coasters, Commercial Grade Store Front Vinyl Lettering, Custom Vinyl Wall Art, and much more. If you can think of it, they can probably make it for you in the form of lettering, decor, or a sign. Most of her items are custom ordered as gifts for others, and so when asked to describe her store in three words Tiffany says it would be: Affordable Personalized Gifts.

The Wonders of the World Wide Web

Living 50 miles outside Dallas and not in a major city, a storefront seemed like a limited possibility at first. The Hardys have therefore become very comfortable with selling their items online. They still feel that they are learning more every day about the best way to promote their goods online. They mainly sell their items through their website and Etsy as well as their Facebook shop and a couple of other online platforms.  In fact, Tiffany says that the most surprising thing about starting and running her shop is the unbelievable amount of free knowledge that’s out there to help you grow and improve your business.

SignChik has made 1,200 Birthday Boards

A Family Affair

In addition to allowing her to work from home and spend much more precious time with her kids, Tiffany says “our family IS our shop.” Each family member is involved in a different way, “my dad helps build our products. My sister lives in Wisconsin along with our mother and they help promote our items. Our kiddos even have roles in the company. So you could say that we all pitch in and make it a family success!” Family has proven both the end and the means for Tiffany, who was originally just looking for a way to spend more time with family and ended up creating a meaningful family business through it all.

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