A New Year’s Resolution for the Whole Family

A New Year’s Resolution for the Whole Family

Well, tomorrow is a new year and inevitably there are some sparks of resolutions darting around the back of your mind as you try to figure out which ones to really commit yourself to doing and how to make them happen.  Some resolutions are the kind that you’ve resolved to do already once or a number of times in the past, but they’re hard work and they require continued attention and dedication and you’re not sure you’ll make it this time around. Some are smaller and you’ve been working toward them already and feel confident that you’ll achieve them this year but perhaps they’re also not particularly significant to your life. The art of a good New Year’s Resolution is to resolve to do something that is both significant to your life but also truly doable if you set your mind to it and equip yourself with the right tools.

Well, we’ve got one for you that will be both significant and achievable. It’s not a trick or too good to be true, it’s just that a new and free technology we’ve developed makes it possible. If you care greatly about your family and keeping them connected, then surely you know that remembering birthdays and marking them in some way is a uniquely powerful way to connect throughout the year in a meaningful way with your loved ones. Surely you also know that feeling that accompanies the realization that you forgot your loved one’s birthday and the missed opportunity to make them feel special.

Well, what if you were to resolve that 2015 would be the year of no forgotten birthdays in your family? Not a single one. Including your extended family. Imagine a whole calendar year when each time a family member’s birthday came up on the calendar you received a friendly reminder that allowed you to send the person a message right away or even send flowers or a gift? AND, not only would you receive the reminder, but every person in the family would receive the reminder and be able to send a message or gift to the birthday person. This would keep the family better connected than ever, wouldn’t you think? Well, EverMinder makes all of that possible, and for free.

It’s as if you’re making a resolution for the whole family, and keeping it for them! Once one family member (let’s say you) signs up for EverMinder and enters the family info – bam! – everyone gets reminders about every family birthday, anniversary and any other special date you choose.

If you’re not already rushing to sign up for EverMinder before the clock strikes 12, then let me remind you that this successful resolution will last long after 2015, just a single sign up lasts forever. And did I mention that each family member can customize their own reminder preferences and gift choices for when their own special days comes along? So go ahead, make it happen! Your family will be thanking you for years to come. Happy New Year!

Christmas Babies, We Got Your Back: 10 ways to make a Christmas birthday extra special

Christmas Babies, We Got Your Back: 10 ways to make a Christmas birthday extra special

You undoubtedly know what’s coming up in just 14 days from today. That’s right, it’s the most celebrated holiday in the world, it’s almost Christmas. But that’s not what this post is about. This post is about what ELSE is happening in 14 days from today… Okay, okay, I’ll just tell you. December 25th, like every other day in the year is the birthday of approximately 19 million people in the world! That’s right, let it sink in (and thank Matt Rosenberg at about.com for the estimate), around 19 million people have their birthday each day, including, of course, on Christmas. Although not everyone in the world celebrates Christmas, a Pew Research Center study from last year shows that even 81% of non-Christians in America celebrate Christmas. This means that many millions of people each year are faced with the challenge of a birthday on Christmas.

While some people have claimed that having a birthday on Christmas is fabulous, we wouldn’t blame you if you found it to be a bummer that your day, a unique yearly opportunity to celebrate you, got a tad bit overshadowed by Christmas.

So that’s why I’m here to say, Christmas babies (and those who love them) – we got your back.  Here are ten simple ways to make the Christmas birthday person’s day extra special despite the potential distraction of jingling bells and roasting chestnuts:

  1. In addition to a Christmas Tree, include a Birthday Bush. Put birthday presents separately under the bush. You can even wrap the birthday presents with their own special paper.
  2. Instead of the 12 Days of Christmas, do 12 Days of Birthday! Wrap 12 small presents each labeled with their day and allow them only open the first one. For the next 11 days while everyone in steeped in the holiday season they’ll remember the thought you gave to their special day.
  3. Collect some gifts or cards from friends or family who you won’t be spending the holiday with ahead of time. When you deliver them the birthday person will feel extra special about the thought that people put in even in the Christmas craziness before the holiday.
  4. Designate a specific part of the day (perhaps lunch on Christmas Day) during which you’ll celebrate only the birthday and forget about Christmas just for that time slot. You might even consider having totally untraditional food like Chinese take-out or pizza, to set it apart even with the grub. If you’re the theatrical type then designate a time of day when it stops being Christmas and starts being birthday and dramatically switch over to talking about and doing only birthday-related things.
  5. For kids: give the birthday girl or boy a special part of the Christmas gifting ceremony as part of their birthday present – maybe it’s delivering each gift to its recipient or devising a system to determine who gets the next gift. Maybe include a wand or badge.
  6. Here’s a radical one – consider throwing them a half birthday party on June 25th. Give out save-the-date cards at Christmas. This way they know you’ve acknowledged that their birthday isn’t getting all the attention it deserves but you’re guaranteeing a celebration down the line just when they weren’t expecting it. Or, throw them a surprise party no where near Christmas. This will be the most surprising of all!
  7. Write a Christmas song parody in honor of the birthday person and send it to guests ahead of time so you can perform it together (“jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock, our dear Elaine, we bet you thought we forgot…” etc.)
  8. If they are a big fan of a certain celebrity try Tweeting at that celebrity and getting them to send a special Christmas birthday tweet to your loved one.
  9. Give them a coupon for a proper birthday party redeemable anytime in the next six months. For extra cuteness create small print about the number of guests and options for food and venue.
  10. Check this list of 16 famous people who were also born on Christmas and choose one or a few to inspire a game or birthday card in the spirit of you’re-not-alone-this-awesome-person-is-also-a-Christmas-baby!

The main principles are simple – set the birthday apart, show them you thought of them, and make them feel special. These principles are central to any good birthday celebration, they’re just a little more important when the birthday has the possibility of getting overshadowed by another holiday or event that is on or near the date. This can be any holiday, not only Christmas, or even a one-time event like a family wedding or reunion. Turn the coincidence into an opportunity to make the person feel extra special, it’s often the thought that you put in that makes the most difference.

Please add your own ideas and experiences in the comments!