14 Drink-Inspired Gifts for Dad

A seemingly benign item, the mug, glass, flask, stein, bottle that a man chooses to hold his beverage of choice is actually an opportunity to make a subtle, (or not so subtle), statement about what he believes and loves. And so, a choice drink-inspired gift can be just the solution you’re looking for for the dad you’re looking to please this Father’s Day. Here are 14 ideas based on whatever kind of dad you’re in the market for:

1. For the Geeky Guy who’s not a morning person: The Battery Changing Mug will show his battery recharging as he fills up his morning coffee (based on temperature change!).

2. For the Basketball Fan: You can’t really go wrong with a mug with a hoop for dunking marshmallows and the like.

3. For the Friendly Father: A “Hello My Name is…” mug will make friends as he sips his morning cup a joe.

4. For the Know-it-All Commuter: A Never-Wrong travel mug can comfort his smugness as he rides to work.

5. For the Superhero Dad: this Superdad mug needs no explanation.

6. For the Dinosaur Dork or Pun-loving guy: this dino joke mug might just do the trick.


7. For the Indoor Dad: An “I will never take this camping” Nalgene will keep him hydrated throughout the house.

8. For the Feel-Good Father’s Day gift, check out the MIZU Watter Bottle for which proceeds go toward providing clean and safe drinking water to those around the world without access – as he drinks, so do others.


9. For the Whiskey Connoisseur try these Whiskey Stones to cool down the whiskey to the ideal drinking temperature without diluting it. Or if that wasn’t enough to demonstrate his hardcore-ness:

10. The Personalized Whiskey Barrel will do the trick.

11. For the Lounger who Loves Beer, this beer glass doubles as a bottle-opener.

12. For the Do-it-Yourself Dad, he will love getting his hands dirty with this Beer-making kit.

WINE Drinkers
13. For the Wino, why not make him his own Custom Wine Labels? You can even include a photo of him to make this special edition extra special.

14. For the Cork Collector: this classy cork cage will keep track of his corks while also serving as a conversation piece.

Whether his drink of choice is coffee, tea, beer, wine, whiskey, or the classic glass of water, a fun vessel to drink it out of will be an almost daily reminder of the thought you put in this Father’s Day. So cheers! Here’s to dad, and Happy Father’s Day!

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  1. Brando Reply

    As a son to a coke loving father, the water battles can serve as some awesome coke-hydration!

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