EverMinder Birthday Board Promotion

Thanks for joining us on EverMinder! You are awesome. (If you haven't yet joined EverMinder, just sign up at everminder.com and you'll receive the promo code via email!)

As a thank you to our users, we are excited to announce our partnership with some awesome Etsy shops who make Family Birthday Boards. Don’t know what a Birthday Board is? No problem, we wrote all about it on our blog!

As you know, EverMinder will now keep everyone in your family reminded of each special event via email reminders each time one of your family events comes up on the calendar. (If you want to add more family members or events, here’s a little tutorial to get you started!) The Birthday Board is a nice way to complement your virtual reminders with a beautiful piece of art to hang on your wall, or to give as a unique personalized gift to a loved one.

Since each person has different taste and style, we are working with several shops so that you can choose the one that suits you best. The discount code that was in the welcome email you received can be used on a Birthday Board from any of these shops:






*Please note that VinylExpress offers lettering decals only, to make your own family birthday board, they do not send the board itself.

When you check out, just make sure to enter the promotional code that was in the welcome email.

Enjoy your celebrations!